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Re: [tlug] keyboard behavior changed

Thomas Blasejewicz writes:

 > Should I presume, the PC is broken somehow?

Could be, but me being an old-school text-oriented curmudgeon BOFH, I
assume that the Birght! Shiny! Pointy! Clicky! distro is busted.

 > Maybe looking for a "new" (junk) PC is then the easiest/fastest way out
 > (this one my daughter bought when she started university 10 years ago 
 > and gave me to play with)

Spending money is invariably the fastest way out. ;-)

 > Or is there still some magic trick I could try?

TBH, this is now beyond me.  I'm pretty good with muddling through
with my hands on the keyboard, but "blindfold debugging" on a distro
I've never used myself (Debian guy since 1996 or so) not so much.

To me, "muddling through" is the fun part. :-รพ  If not so much you,
and you can't bribe somebody to come look at it (or bring it to a LUG
and have people look at it there) buying a cheap Chromebook or
something might be the way to go.


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