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[tlug] keyboard behavior changed


Not to blame the victim, but is there any chance you did some upgrades
just *before* converting the PC to dust-collector?  Mint is a Debian-kei
distro, so the top line of "ls -lt /var/cache/apt/archives | head" may
tell you when you last downloaded packages.  If that messed up your
config, it might persist through the distro version-up (Debian-kei
distros are generally pretty careful about preserving current configs
across upgrades).

If you can tell us if there's anything suspicious that upgraded
"recently", that would help.

Could be hardware, of course, but if it were me it would definitely be
an upgrade, I upgrade early and often.  Not to forget that I run
Debian testing by default and have certain packages pinned to 'sid'. :-)


Thomas Blasejewicz writes:
 > Good morning from Hayama
 > I was wondering if anybody can give me some hints regarding the 
 > following problem.
 > I am using Linux Mint 19 (on an old Dell Inspiron 1545 / as an 
 > "experimental" machine).
 > Usually I do not spend much time with it, but the other day I noticed, 
 > that its keyboard behavior was totally off after the PC just sat several 
 > weeks in the corner.

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