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Re: [tlug] Getting Japanese input working

Thanks for the responses.

On 2019-09-14 07:58, Jim Breen wrote:
Since I moved to Ubuntu about 10 years ago Japanese input has worked
"out of the box". ...

Well, in the old days you had to copy some instructions from somewhere, and it was a bit complicated, but when things didn't work you could look at the instructions and puzzle things out. Now it's all blobs; you click the blob, it whirrs a bit, then informs you that everything is working perfectly. I struggled a bit, and now ibus is "working": I can actually enter Japanese and Russian text successfully.

But usability is dire. I cannot find out anything about configuring ibus (or anthy), so I am stuck with the following:

* I can only change language by poking the (invisible) icon
* The "icon" consists of very very dark blue letters on a slightly light black background

So I really need to know:

* Would fcitx-mozc make any or all of this easier?
* Assuming I eventually work out how to assign hotkeys, does anyone have advice for how to do it with >2 scripts (not "languages", though that's what they get called)? The previous default is ctrl-space, which is fine except that it's a single poke, and never clear which script you are going to get taken to. Is there a convention on types of key combination generally avoided by applications so they can be used for system things?

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