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[tlug] Getting Japanese input working

I am trying to set up a new computer: I have xubuntu installed, and the first Task is to get Japanese input working. I have installed Ibus: it's there, a bizarre "icone" consisting of two-letter language codes in the darkest possible blue on a black background. If I click it, it changes from EN to RU to JA. (Oh yes, I need Cyrillic as well) But it has no effect on keyboard input at all.

I found no help on the web. Can anyone here help? Are there any other suggestions of Better Ways of Doing It, particularly for more than two character sets? (I have it working on another machine, and the problem is that pression ctrl-space always switches to Another character set, chosen by an algorithm too complicated to internalise, so a lot of time is wasted.

Thanks in advance.
(I am subscribed to this list from, which has become a read-only account.)

Brian Chandler

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