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Re: [tlug] Getting Japanese input working

Hi Brian,

On Thu, Sep 12, 2019 at 1:26 PM Brian Chandler <> wrote:
> I am trying to set up a new computer: I have xubuntu installed, and the
> first Task is to get Japanese input working. I have installed Ibus: it's
> there, a bizarre "icone" consisting of two-letter language codes in the
> darkest possible blue on a black background. If I click it, it changes
> from EN to RU to JA. (Oh yes, I need Cyrillic as well) But it has no
> effect on keyboard input at all.

I'm not sure about xubuntu, but I use ubuntu and did this a few months
ago.  Already half-forgotten how to do it.  But under Region &
Languages | Input Sources, I have installed both "Japanese" and
"Japanese (Mozc)".  I use "Japanese" because to type English on a
Japanese keyboard -- for some time, I had chosen "English (UK|US|...)"
and my keys were in the wrong place.  Then I thought maybe it was
referring to my keyboard layout and not the language I wanted to type
in.  So I removed that and chose Japanese and it's fine now.

So, I'm not sure if that's what you're facing, but you might want to
see if there is another "Japanese" to add in.  Perhaps the one you
picked is the one I now use to type English.  If I switch to "Japanese
(Mozc)", I can type Japanese.  I have an option to select "Manage
Installed Languages" and when you enter it, it will ensure that you
have dependencies loaded.  The Keyboard input method system is "ibus"
for me.

I know I was vague in where all these options are, but I guessed that
xubuntu is different from ubuntu anyway.  But if you want more
specific "click A, go to window B" type instructions, I can do that
for you.


PS:  Remember to logout and log back in.  I went even further and
restarted the computer.  Didn't want to take any chances.  :-)

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