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Re: [tlug] Getting Japanese input working

> perfectly. I struggled a bit, and now ibus is "working": I can actually
> enter Japanese and Russian text successfully.
> ...
> * Would fcitx-mozc make any or all of this easier?

Maybe: I switched to fcitx a few years back, based on advice from this
list. I'd still not call the setup "out of the box", but I can follow
the "magic spell" in my notes, and it works first or second time :-)

> * Assuming I eventually work out how to assign hotkeys, does anyone have
> advice for how to do it with >2 scripts

I use ctrl-space to toggle between English and Japanese.

I have "pinyin" installed, which shows when I right-click the keyboard
(or mozc icon) in the xfce notification area in the panel. Once I click
the pinyin icon, ctrl-space toggles between that and English. I.e. I
then need to go back there and click the mozc icon to have ctrl-space go
back to toggling between English and Japanese.

The fcitx "Global config" tab has hotkeys defined to "scroll between
input method". That might be a keyboard-only way to switch between 3
languages? They don't do anything for me, though.

Ш сфт икштп гз ф Кгыышфт лунищфквб фтв ерут ше ензуы дшлу ершы

("I can bring up a Russian keyboard, and then it types like this")

until I click the "Esc" button on it. (Clicking on the keyboard graphic
that popped up also worked.) That was found by right-clicking fcitx and
then "virtual keyboard".

そはすせす つに なへにっ はつせなのなゃなゎゎゎ "There is also hiragana"
(*) as well as Greek, and a few others. This seems to be part of core fcitx.

Ah, it seems I can switch between English and Russian, using ctrl-space,
by adding "Keyboard - Russian - Russian (with Ukrainian-Belorussian
layout)" to the list in the Input Method tab in fcitx configuration.

(Is there any IME for Russian, so I can type a transliteration, instead
of needing to know a different keyboard layout?)


*: Sorry for the gibberish: UK keyboard, so I know longer have the
hiragana showing on my keyboard.

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