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Re: [tlug] Getting Japanese input working

> ...
> Language Settings, Input Method: choose "fcitx" at the top of that
> screen (it was already selected).
> ... (right-click keyboard icon in taskbar and choose configure)...

Created a second user on this machine (long story (*)) and assumed
fcitx/mozc would be all installed and ready. But couldn't do either of
those steps.

apt install told me they were already the latest versions.

So we had to do this:

sudo apt install --reinstall fcitx-mozc mozc-utils-gui mozc-server

Then logout and login, and now the keyboard icon is there, and mozc can
be found, and installed.

I.e. install of at least one of those packages has side effects that
affects only the current user. (Or, at least, does not affect
not-yet-created users.)


*: Been having trouble with a crash when resuming from a suspend that
was done by closing the lid. One troubleshooting idea was to try
switching from the nvidia driver to the open source one.
Don't do this! It reset the xfce desktop, lost all configuration, but
had also lost all the mint enhancements. (And icons.)
Oh, and the drivers screen refused to let us go back to nvidia driver.

We tried using Timeshift to go back to the previous day. This fixed the
nividia problem but didn't fix the desktop.

Not knowing the magic words (i.e. the package name) to fix this, instead
we tested creating a new user, who did get the nice Mint xfce desktop,
so decided to move the data over from the old user, and go with this new

(This reset of xfce has happened to me before, when a graceful shutdown
seemed to have locked up, so I did a forceful shutdown.)

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