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Re: [tlug] keyboard behavior changed

Hi Thomas,

On 26/9/2019 6:05 PM, Thomas Blasejewicz wrote:
After that (unable to fix the problem) I newly installed Mint 19.2 (before it was 19).
Should I presume, the PC is broken somehow?
Maybe looking for a "new" (junk) PC is then the

It is always possible that with each subsequent new release of an OS, older computers are less supported. So it might not be broken per se, but support for your old[er] PC is no longer by default but some tweaking is needed.

May I ask why don't you consider using another distribution like Ubuntu? At the very least, you can then bring your questions to and see if anyone there can help. (I'm not aware of a similar web site for Mint; but I guess such a site should exist.)


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