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Re: [tlug] White Box: Some Assembly Required ...

Okay, here's the latest ...

By connecting four of the six disks I wanted to create a RAID from, I was able to build one RAID 5 device of 9Tb.  The two remaining motherboard slots went to the 120Gb SSD and the CD/DVD so I can see the red HDD read/write LED.  I was tempted to connect all six HDDs to the motherboard as the setup screen seems to contradict the manual on the number of HDDs permitted.  Has anyone successfully gotten away with installing more then the reportedly permitted number of HDDs on a hardware RAID installation?

The other four disks are connected to the add-in card and all are visible.  I didn't have to make the adjustments suggested.  The only issues are:

1. only two of the disks on the add-in card are the same spec and RAID 5 needs a minimum of three so those four disks will be plain vanilla HDDs for now.  See question about pushing luck above.

2. The hardware RAID chip can only work with disks connected directly to the motherboard so any new configuration would have to be software due to lack of sufficient slots.

BUT ... there's always one of these ...

The RAID cannot be seen in Lubuntu.  Two of the member disks show up in the drive list but not the RAID.

Trying mdamd to see the disk didn't work.

Since I am at the beginning of everything and it wouldn't take a lot of time, is the best solution a reinstall of Lubuntu, creating an LVM in the process?  Current install is very basic.


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