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Re: [tlug] The TLUG / Gmail Adventure

On 12/17/2017 01:02 AM, Georgi Georgiev wrote:
Set the authentication method from Normal password to OAuth2 and it should work much better. Luckily Thunderbird supports it. If it doesn't show as an option, it could be any of these:
1) Change the server name to
2) Click on "Test settings", then OAuth2 may show up in the list of available options
3) Old version of Thunderbird not supporting OAuth2.

You can refer to the Thunderbird guide for some of these hints:

It is sort of fixed, through not much investigation of my own.  I finally decided to delete the account and recreate it.  I clicked the "Delete Account" key, choosing to keep the data.  I then immediately selected "Create a new account" and typed in my Gmail address.  As soon as I clicked "Check" all of the back mail suddenly appeared ... in a new account at the bottom of my mail account queue (TLUG used to be first in the queue).  Also, when the account re-created itself, OAuth2 was pre-selected as the authentication method.  The only downside, such as it is, was the loss of my filters, which had to be re-created.


Over the holidays I've decided to try a switch to VM Ware's bare metal system because, after years of sort of trying disinterestedly, the VBox people still are not implementing video properly in WIN 10 virtual accounts.  I am sick of having to jump through the same hoops for two hours every time my Insider Preview updates, just to switch the 4:3 screen that installs to the 9:16 I want / need / gotta have.  Additionally, VM Ware reportedly handles memory and CPU assignment / sharing better.  I've spent about six months running through VM Ware's DIY study program and haven't broken anything permanently in their online setup and run courses, so I think I am ready to be released into the wild. 

I am thinking about simultaneously virtualizing and upgrading my Debian version from 8.* to 9.* based solely on the transitive theory of newest and shininess.   

If anyone has reasons not to do so, warnings will be gratefully received.

Thanks to everyone for their advice.


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