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Re: [tlug] The TLUG / Gmail Adventure

Set the authentication method from Normal password to OAuth2 and it should work much better. Luckily Thunderbird supports it. If it doesn't show as an option, it could be any of these:
1) Change the server name to
2) Click on "Test settings", then OAuth2 may show up in the list of available options
3) Old version of Thunderbird not supporting OAuth2.

You can refer to the Thunderbird guide for some of these hints:

On Sat, Dec 16, 2017 at 6:09 AM, steve <> wrote:
On 12/15/2017 08:04 AM, Raymond Wan wrote:
> I can't remember why I have this, but my incoming server is the same
> as Darren's.  But my outgoing is:
> Server name:
> Port:  587
> User name:  Same as my login name, but without the ""
> Authentication method:  Normal password
> Connection security:  STARTTLS
Server name is selected in the outgoing account settings page on the
account settings page for each account.  For some reason I remember
having a really hard time finding this.  It can be different for each
email.  I have both gmail and non-gmail accounts on my Thunderbird under
Ubuntu 12.04.  For the gmail account it's and the
protocal is SMTP.  My Connection Security is SSL/TLS and it's working ok.

I think it discovers your outgoing mail protocol.  You add your server
to the Outgoing Mail Server pull down on the account page then select it
from the same pull down.

I have a diffefrent non-gmail account that uses SSLTLS for Pop protocol.

I remember having problems getting non-gmail and gmail working from
Thunderbird but I only have one gmail account.

Hope this is some help...

Steve S.

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