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[tlug] The TLUG / Gmail Adventure

Okay, if this is some sort of intelligence test, I've failed .... I have a number of different Gmail accounts for different interest groups and clubs.  I receive everything for those purposes on Thunderbird but use Claws for my work and some other mail. For the past several days, my TLUG account has been inaccessible on Thunderbird due to a rejected password.  All attempts to enter and save said P/W result in a loop telling me to type in my P/W and a popup telling me to log in one time with my browser.  This is not happening with any of the other Gmail accounts and this is coming at you from my browser. 

I've checked the password and can get in (obviously).

I've checked my Gmail setup and confirmed that Thunderbird is accepted as a "weak application" exception.

I've tried logging out of both Thunderbird and Firefox to make sure cookies and history are cleared.

I've cleared the cache in Thunderbird.

I'm stumped.  I feel as though I know the answer but that it is hiding from me just to be cruel.

What am I missing? ... or should I just delete the existing account and set another one up again?

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