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[tlug] Subtitle Formats of Foreign Shows in Japan

On 2017-12-05 07:12 +0900 (Tue), CL wrote:

> and Amazon options offer kanji, hangul, and English soft-coded
> supers, so we may go with Prime and pretend this issue never arose.

Have you verified that the particular shows you want have this? The
interface for Prime certainly offers various subtitle options, but the
other day I watched a few episodes on Prime from four different series
(a couple produced by Amazon, a couple produced by U.S. networks) and
all of them had Japanese subtitles hard-coded into the video stream
with no subtitle options available at all. (This seems common for
foreign programs in Japan, at least English-langauge ones, for many
services. Hulu used to do this a lot, and back in the day when I
watched digital television it was the same for many foreign shows

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