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Re: [tlug] Updating a Home LAN

On 12/01/2017 11:47 AM, CL wrote:
> Along with the simplified setup and small reduction in the number of 
> octopus connections under the shelving that holds the "movie" PC, I am 
> wondering whether the arrival of new hardware should also signal the End 
> of Life of my LAN cables.  They're mostly 7~10 years old and, frankly, I 
> have no idea which conforms to which Code.  Is it likely I can just plug 
> the new hardware into the old wiring and get peak performance, or is 
> there some "latest" spec that I should be going for?

Cat5e is the minimum for Gigabit Ethernet.  If you are looking future
proof Cat6A which (will handle 10Gbit) is Cat7 at a lower price.


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