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[tlug] Updating a Home LAN

Changing to Softbank Hikari next week and am awaiting the date on which I can flip the switch to fire up the new hardware on the "home" and "business" LANs.  Changing providers means that two LANs worth of NTT hikari modems, Buffalo wired/wi-fi routers, and "home" NTT Hikari TV receiver are all retiring in favor of two all-purpose wired/wi-fi modems and a new three-channel TV receiver.

As long as some hardware is going, I am wondering what else needs or should be retired.

Along with the simplified setup and small reduction in the number of octopus connections under the shelving that holds the "movie" PC, I am wondering whether the arrival of new hardware should also signal the End of Life of my LAN cables.  They're mostly 7~10 years old and, frankly, I have no idea which conforms to which Code.  Is it likely I can just plug the new hardware into the old wiring and get peak performance, or is there some "latest" spec that I should be going for?   Any opinions on HDMI cables?  Most of what I can find online says "if they work, don't fix them".

Also, the Logicool 10/100 switching hub on my "business" LAN is probably about 11 years old.  Any reason that it should be replaced beyond "shiny" or does performance actually degrade over time?

Oh, and why Softbank Hikari?  Because it comes with a contract that gives me a monthly bill for two hikari lines + phone/fax + three keitai contracts + hikari TV that is within 1000 yen of what I've been paying for three keitai contacts alone.  The Y Mobile guy suggests that if I do a serious amount of watching recently broadcast US TV content that I should invest in a VPN for that purpose, so I'll be back with questions about good providers later.


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