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Re: [tlug] Home LAN, Part 2 Decoding Saved Program Formats

On Dec 4, 2017 04:54, "CL" <> wrote:
>  Has anyone been able to view the file directory on a TV tuner HDD and download / convert the files to, say .mkv or .mp4 format?

It is not a format issue in the generic case... it is called DRM more or less.
You can only play those files on the original hardware, they are
encrypted with a key that technically cannot be taken out of the chip.
Rumors say, manufacturers can move the key from one chip to another,
if models are the same.

I had to deal with such cases from data recovery perspective, there
are many unique (meta)encryption schemes. Unless it is your personal
video (wedding, etc.), find a torrent and re-download it - many times


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