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Re: [tlug] Home LAN, Part 2 Decoding Saved Program Formats

On 12/05/2017 01:39 AM, Kalin KOZHUHAROV wrote:
It is not a format issue in the generic case... it is called DRM more or less.
Thank you.  I had assumed that the issue was a DRM-related one but was a bit shocked that my regular DRM unlocker software didn't even recognize that files were on the HDD.  Further research led to several decade-old technical papers that spoke of manufacturers' efforts to further harden commercial DRM encoding.  So, I was concluding that I was too many years behind the curve  when your confirmation arrived.

I had to deal with such cases from data recovery perspective, there
are many unique (meta)encryption schemes. Unless it is your personal
video (wedding, etc.), find a torrent and re-download it - many times

Korean dramas, not real television as we know it.  I was exploring the torrent option when my resourceful daughter pointed out that there are Amazon Prime DVD and streaming versions of several of them.  Although there are some torrent options, the quality is spotty and Amazon options offer kanji, hangul, and English soft-coded supers, so we may go with Prime and pretend this issue never arose.


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