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Re: [tlug] Home LAN, Part 2 Decoding Saved Program Formats

The whole disk has to be imaged first as the TV reformatted the HDD.

I've got a TV here that did the same and the whole partition scheme (actually no partition,  whole disk as raw filesystem) is the state of affairs.

I'm going to be using the first SDcard I did prep for my TV to check out decryption(possible?) and conversion as required.

it may be as simple as literally a custom container with a chain of video segments separated by a chain of headers.

I need to look a lot more into it once I convert a newly refurbished laptop from microsofted junk into something of a usable tool.

On Dec 4, 2017 12:49, "CL" <> wrote:
On 12/01/2017 03:19 PM, Edward Middleton wrote:
> Cat5e is the minimum for Gigabit Ethernet. If you are looking future
> proof Cat6A which (will handle 10Gbit) is Cat7 at a lower price.
> Edward

Thanks for the information.  I have shiny new Cat7 cables for all of my
connection needs.  The price difference between Cat7 and Cat6 was
negligible, so going for the higher spec was easy ... except for the
part where Cat7 is mostly available only in black and white, which means
that a month from now, looking at the router and trying to remember
where each line goes will be interesting.  I also discovered that my
tried and true 8-port hub is 10 base-T, so it has retired, replaced by a
Buffalo Gigabit hub. Now I can send misinformation and bad math out to
my clients at 10x the old speed.


The new Hikari TV tuner uses a different file format than the NTT one. 
The Y! Mobile guy says the new tuner format is "Sony ... something" and
that it replaces "another format of some kind that is totally different"
... and THAT is the most technical information I have been able to find
anywhere, so far.

The REAL bosses in my house have informed me that the external HDD
attached to the Hikari TV tuner has several "can't be lost" series and
programs, and could I please download and save them to one of the
internal HDDs ... which has led me to discover something VLC can't do,
much to my shock and disbelief.  Has anyone been able to view the file
directory on a TV tuner HDD and download / convert the files to, say
.mkv or .mp4 format?  Is there something that runs on Debian that would
allow me to see the file directory to at least pick files off the disk
and move copies to another location in hopes of finding a solution "later"?


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