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Re: [tlug] Help with Mint

On Mon, Jun 29, 2015 at 11:15 PM, Stephen J. Turnbull
<> wrote:
> The point being, people accept that kind of monitoring.  They accept
> Google and other "freemail" providers browsing their private
> information to improve search results and the like.  Facebook -- the
> stalker's best friend.  I think Raymond is right.  Far too few people
> are going to care enough to disable the refrigerator's ability to call
> the nearest supermarket.  You are going to have to choose between
> gossipy appliances and no appliances, is my bet.

*argh*  Facebook!  I feel out of date when the topic of Facebook comes
up since I think it's silly to share your personal pictures with the
world, but you would never print them out and paste them on your front
door...  Opps...I hope that statement doesn't ruin my chances for
being invited for an interview at Facebook...  :-P

Indeed, that's exactly what I meant, Stephen.  I don't think there are
enough people that care.

A few weeks back, there was a discussion here about how to better
teach programming to people?  I sometimes think that not many people
need to know how to program.  We probably should wonder how to teach
basic IT literacy instead.  Very few people will need to know how to
write a backup script in Python; but making an informed choice between
purchasing a Windows machine or a Linux machine seems more practical
to the average person.

i.e., Very few people will end up being politicians.  But, the general
population should know enough about politics to be informed voters...
And yes, I know I'm in HK and this statement doesn't apply; it's just
an example.  :-D


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