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Re: [tlug] Self-introduction + thank you for scanner help

On Mon, 29 Jun 2015 08:52:59, Darren Cook <> wrote:
> I think we had the same scanner (DCP-7055). Was the reinstall actually
> Mint 17.1 (aka a base distro of Ubuntu 14.04.2)?

Darren, my unit is MFC-6490. Since Mint 17.1 was not out yet then, I
am using 17 (Qiana). But I liked 17.1 (Rebecca) so much when I installed
it in MT and it worked so well with my HP unit that I am setting it up on this
machine. Dual booting. Just because 17 works fine, and I don't want
to jeopardize that. I will let you know how the scanner install goes.

> There are quite a few ideas here:

Thanks. I will definitely have a look at that. But I am very leery of making
any changes, since it does work now. If I get 17.1 working, then it will be
easier to contemplate changes on 17.

On Mon, 29 Jun 2015 10:27:48, Bruno Raoult <> wrote:

> I would not change any permission in /dev. This is bad [TM].
> I would rather try to understand why permissions are wrong for your user.
> As a temp workaround, you could add yourseld to lp and lpadmin groups,
> depending on what permissions the printer device has. This is not perfect,
> but better than giving rw access to everybody.

Bruno, thank you for the warning.


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