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Re: [tlug] Help with Mint

On Sun, Jun 28, 2015 at 8:06 PM, Thomas Blasejewicz <> wrote:
> That is why (as I wrote earlier, for years now) I thought, Linux might
> give me an alternative (and more freedom?).

Freedom is important...I want to say that before someone jumps in.  :-)

But, I think we will see more and more devices sharing our information
without our consent.  We can resist it, but that will only slow things
down.  Manufacturers care more about getting a lot of data and mining
it over customer privacy.

I'm not taking about your smartphone or your computer.  But your
television, your refrigerator, etc.  All in the name of convenience
(why do I need my refrigerator to tell the nearest supermarket I'm low
on milk?  :-) ).

I heard from someone (i.e., I didn't read the news article myself)
that a HDD-based recorder that was being sold here in Hong Kong was
sending either customer information or a virus (sorry, I don't
remember which) out.  *sigh*

> (for one: I cannot afford to buy me another new computer; and buying a
> Windows upgrade for 3-400 USD is not very appealing either)

I think the next Windows is supposed to be free to upgrade for Windows
7 and up...

But that aside, it's probably better to weigh the pros and cons --
whether the time associated with $300 - $400 (and freedom) is worth
doing your job, spending time with family, etc. or trying to find out
how to recover your Linux machine.  I think for some of us on this
list, finding out how to recover a Linux machine can be considered
part of our [paid] work.  We're lucky.

But that isn't true for every one...


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