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Re: [tlug] Help with Mint

On 2015/06/26 8:56, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
The second-best option is to reinstall from scratch, getting advice
here as you go.
As of now, I cannot see any smarter solutions.
It was mentioned on another list for another flavor, that I should set up certain partitions. Could somebody please direct me, since I have always choose the "use entire disk" options ... I also tried the "LVM" thing, but I really do not understand, what that is all about.

Setting either of those up will require some care, but the benefit is
that you'll have a working machine if your experiments fail
I ***DO*** a working machine: the WinXP one.
With a nice cable I am currently using at home, I can run TWO computers sharing monitor, mouse and keyboard
and switch between them with a little button. (was something like 8 USD)
Such a multipurpose setup
isn't recommended, but if your budget for hardware is constrained it
might be your best option.
THAT is for sure!
But as I said, the XP machine is working just fine. I just want to "make the transition" ...
There are plenty of people on this list who can help with either
Thank you!
There's nothing so fancy about the techniques necessary to avoid
reinstalling at every difficulty.  You just need to learn to work step
by step, and to keep detailed notes on every change you make to the
system so you can undo things that don't work, or report to those who
are more experienced in the case of more complex problems.
Well, this is the problem.
I have experienced this MANY(!!!) times ... I just look at the machine, or press any button ... and boom. Everything goes down the drain. You cannot really remember and/or document EVERY single operation you perform on a computer. No offense, but the frequency of these "disasters" is with Windows (or Mac) in my experience a lot lower than with Linux.

As soon as I notice something strange, I always try to retrace my steps and "undo" what I just did.
But I could never succeed with this using Linux.
The case in question here: If there was anything I "did", it was an attempt at setting the locale in Wine. Nothing out of the ordinary happened at THAT time, but the next time I boot up the computer, I am stuck with irreparable errors.

I am NOT a Windows fan (should be clear by now). BUT, Windows has this little trick, where you can return the machine to a point in time, you know it was working properly. For example the day before, or a week earlier. You may loose everything you set up in that period of time, but that is still much easier and less painful than doing everything from scratch again ...

Does Linux has this kind of trick?
If so, I would love to learn it.

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