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Re: [tlug] Help with Mint - update

On 06/26/2015 06:20 PM, Thomas Blasejewicz wrote:
On 2015/06/26 8:56, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
The second-best option is to reinstall from scratch, getting advice
here as you go.
As of now, I cannot see any smarter solutions.
It was mentioned on another list for another flavor, that I should set
up certain partitions.

I made some progress!

Somebody on the Japanese list suggested, I should try:
sudo apt-get --reinstall install cinnamon

When I tried that, I got:
* Reading package list --- Done
* Building dependency tree --- Done
* Reading state information --- Done
E: Unable to locate package cinnamon

After  that, I thought, just "install cinnamon" might help and did that.
A lot of things spooled by until the screen stopped and asked what option I would like to choose.
The only possible choice, though, was "keep current version"
I proceeded with that.

Somewhere down the very long line it said:
Warning: No support of en_US_utf8

And again somewhere later:
Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg
    returned an error code (1)

After that I ran again the "update" and "upgrade" commands -> and rebooted.

Now the system comes back on line almost normal I would say,
although both during shutdown and startup procedures some messages are displayed, that did not come up before.

I will try this again, but ...
the startup time is since the crash EXCEEDINGLY long!
I have to stare at a blank, black screen for minutes on end ...
Is there something I can do about it?

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