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Re: [tlug] Help with Mint

On 2015/06/28 19:19, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
Thomas Blasejewicz writes:
  > I just want to "make the transition" ...

I have to admit that more and more I wonder why.  I don't question
your desire, but I'm having trouble figuring out what advice to give.

Thank you for your - and of of course all the other people on the list! - advice.
Well, when I bought the new computer with Windows 8.1 I suddenly found, that
the OS accesses the Win 7 notebook I have and even my daughter's PC - without my permission. After Googling around for some time, I found out, that you can set up an "offline account", even though Microsoft strongly advises against it. I am now running my PC with this offline account and deleted the online one. And, naturally, Microsoft asks for money every time you dare to blink or swallow.

That is why (as I wrote earlier, for years now) I thought, Linux might give me an alternative (and more freedom?).

Do I understand you correctly, when I interpret your advice as "stick to Windows"?
At least for the kind of work I have to do?
(for one: I cannot afford to buy me another new computer; and buying a Windows upgrade for 3-400 USD is not very appealing either)


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