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Re: [tlug] Ubuntu 13.10 clock problems

CL writes:

 > What?  No copper wire, wet towels, and hand crank telephones where
 > you live?  Just go local and keep jobs in Ibaraki.

The only cranks I see around here are all colleagues. :-P

 > Then again, I have accepted new config files to see whether I can 
 > eliminate some problem I may have created by issuing conflicting 
 > commands.

I don't see a conflict with what I wrote; that's a deliberated[sic]
strategy on your part.  I don't think I've ever done that wholesale
(there's almost always at least one line of my own I want to keep :-),
but you're right, it's often worth experimenting with the distro's
suggested configuration you you don't understand the app's behavior --
it does occasionally resolve a problem, and often enough to be worth
doing on purpose.

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