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Re: [tlug] Ubuntu 13.10 clock problems (was: Ibus and Ubuntu based)

On 2013-10-29 at 21:10:32 Charles Muller wrote:
> All 6 computers in my project being used by me and my assistants
> (various makes and models, desktops and laptops) are running
> Kubuntu/Windows7 dual-boot.

Just in case it wasn't clear from the responses that have already been 
given, the problem is that Linux and Windows make different assumptions 
about the hardware clock. By default, Linux treats the hardware clock as 
being in UTC, while Windows treats it as local time.

In my opinion, the most elegant solution would be to configure Windows 
to use a UTC hardware clock. If that is not possible and it were my 
machine, i'd look into setting both Linux and Windows to query an NTP 
server on boot and set their clock that way.

Daniel A. Ramaley
Network Engineer 2

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2407 Carpenter Ave / Des Moines IA 50311 USA
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