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Re: [tlug] Ubuntu 13.10 clock problems

On 10/30/2013 02:24 PM, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
I think whoever changed that variable should be handed over to the CIA
for a few minutes of waterboarding, though.  That's just so arrogant.
What? No copper wire, wet towels, and hand crank telephones where you live? Just go local and keep jobs in Ibaraki.

A word to the wise:

I *never* just accept a config replacement unless I *know* that what's
in the config is related to a *specific* *non-mission-critical* app,
and that I have *not* touched the config since the last time it was
100% synced to distro.  If either condition is not satisfied, I use
the "merge configs" option.  It has saved more time and annoyance than
it causes by a factor of 10 or so.

Then again, I have accepted new config files to see whether I can eliminate some problem I may have created by issuing conflicting commands. It only works as a setup strategy about 10% of the time but, when you're out of ideas, it sometimes helps to reset your brain as well as your OS and then hope that you don't screw the same thing up again.


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