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Re: [tlug] Japanese Input - Kubuntu 12.04 LTS

On Thu, Sep 05, 2013 at 11:38:37AM +0900, Lyle H Saxon wrote:

> > So, while I most certainly agree it's harder to get working than it is on
> > FreeBSD, it seems that part of it is simply bad documentation.  Install
> > ibus-anthy, install language support--in my case, on an English system,
> > there was no real indication of which language support was being installed,
> > unlike Ubuntu and Kubuntu, where one explicitly picks Japanese, and on
> > this, it seemed to only install complete English support, so that step may
> > be unnecessary.  Run ibus-setup and add anthy.  Then, add
> >
> > XMODIFIERS=@im=ibus
> >
> > to your .bash_profile, log out, log in, and you should be fine, though you
> > may have to manually start ibus on each reboot.
> I don't mind the idea of manually stating it, but where can I find
> ".bash_profile"?  Should that be in my user folder, or in the Root
> folder?

Note the period in front of it, it's a hidden file.  If it doesn't exist,
create it.  I believe it did exist though.  It's in the $HOME, that is
/usr/home/lyle directory, not the Desktop one.  (Assuming your username is

Scott Robbins
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