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Re: [tlug] Japanese Input - Kubuntu 12.04 LTS

Although I finally got Japanese input to work on my friend's computer, I thought I'd try it on a test box (English language install), and now I can't get it work again.  Here are the steps I've taken and their result:

Ibus (install)

ibus-setup (via terminal)

(Not running - would you like to start it?)

"IBus has been started! If you can not use IBus, please open System Menu -> System Settings -> Language Support and set the "Keyboard Input Method" to "ibus", then log out and back in again."

No "Language Support" listed under System Settings, but under "Locale", and then "System Languages":

- "The language support is not installed completely
- Some translations or writing aids available for your chosen languages are not installed yet. Do you want to install them now?"


IBus Preferences
Input Method
Customize active input methods
Select input method
Japanese (click on the little arrow, not on the text)
Japanese Anthy

Share the same input method among all applications

Result: No Japanese input...

System Languages
(Japanese not select-able)

Country/Region & Language

(No noticeable change - no Japanese)

Country/Region & Language
(Japanese not listed)

System Languages
"Input methods" grayed out...

ibus Input Method Framework
(Clicking on it, it appears to try to open, but gives up after short effort)

Ibus-setup (via terminal)
IBus Preferences
(Everything looks normal, Japanese Anthy under Input Method, but... no Japanese input capability...)

Not sure what I'm missing....


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