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Re: [tlug] Japanese Input - Kubuntu 12.04 LTS

On Sun, Sep 1, 2013 at 11:19 PM, Charles Muller <> wrote:

Glad you solved it on your own. I was going to write to say that I
haven't had issues setting up Japanese input on any form of Debian or
Ubuntu for several years, just installing the basic uim and anthy packages.
Past it now and looking back, I can see there were two main issues.  First I needed to manually install several packages (listed in that Kubuntu Forum thread), which I still think it would be nice rocket science if those vital parts actually installed as part of a Japanese language installation (the first attempt began as an English language install, but the version I eventually got going started as a Japanese language install).  The other part was a result of a type of UI I had never seen before, where the main part of the item is inactive and only a very tiny thin-line arrow on the left is an active link.  This is what caught up the guy who started the thread on the Kubuntu Forum thread as well.

And... not having graphics support with the Ubuntu version was really surprising, but that machine doesn't have an Intel chip for graphics, so I guess someone thought it was unpopular enough to drop support for it?

And... they have gone over 700MB, so the ISO imagine won't go onto a CDR disk any more.  That being the case, they should start putting more stuff on the disk, since you have to use a DVD disk to burn the image anyway.

Anyway - glad you didn't have any issues setting up the machines you've set up, but I had several issues (most probably not on the identical software-hardware combination you had success with).  I know everyone in the group considers this purely my fault, but I didn't have issues with earlier versions of Kubuntu/Ubuntu (beyond the early versions, which also had language issues).  Something people in the group might consider is that maybe the 12.04.2 and 12.04.3 versions have gotten screwed up somehow over the 12.04 versions I imagine you-all have experience with.  I'm not a first-time user... there were real issues - especially the lack of graphics support with Ubuntu 12.04.3.  Kubuntu 12.04.2 worked in that regard, while Ubuntu 12.04.3 didn't, so the issue may well be 12.04.3 rather than Ubuntu.  Once the machine is up and running with graphics support, updates don't kill it, but it won't install from zero?

In any case, I appreciate everyone's feedback, and it's running now, so "All's well that ends well".  I do hope the issues get sorted out - and I'm sure they will, and probably other issues will resurface... it's the nature of software to have issues.


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