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Re: [tlug] Apple vs. FSF and gcc 4.2.1

Darren Cook writes:

 > Were you correcting my answer, or fleshing it out? :-)

Fleshing it out.  I just started actually using clang yesterday --
guuzen desu ne!

 > (I.e. once I have llvm and clang on my machine, can I compile C/C++
 > into a binary, or do I still need gcc for one of the steps?)

Maybe. :-)  If your project doesn't use any GCC compiler flags or
language syntax that clang doesn't support, yes.  Just set CC=clang
and CXX=clang++, and you should be good to go.

And it's fast; I got a 5% reduction in XEmacs build time on a MacBook
Pro, which is big considering that 70% of the build is compiling Lisp
to bytecode and running tests.  At a guess, it compiles C about 25-30%
faster than GCC 4.4.  I don't know yet if the produced XEmacs feels
any faster.

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