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Re: [tlug] LAN, but no internet [SOLVED]: How to figure out stuff by searching


Thank you for responding.

> You need to learn how to figure many of these little mysteries 
> out for yourself. 

Just for clarification, I'm not so thick as to not think of Googling
terms I'm not familiar with.

I was only saying that at the moment I was testing the wireless router,
I had tested the AP mode and got the results I had hoped for so that I
couldn't be bothered to go and find out exactly what the "AP" stands
for. I now know from both the small description in Japanese provided in
the wireless router's interface and from experience what it does, that's
good enough for me at the moment.

It's one of the constant struggles that I know not everyone will agree
with me on, but my goal is not a complete understanding of every aspect
of everything, but to achieve working functionality so that I can focus
on other tasks that are important to me.

I'm willing to bet (and I do mean this is a gamble I'm taking, not a
certainty) that this "AP" mode, if it is like 90% of all the other
issues I face with my computer, is something I will maybe encounter
again once, if ever, over a period of three to five years, and by then I
will either have forgotten the finer details, or, even more likely,
standards and terminology will have changed rendering past learning on
this issue moot.

I'm not claiming it's bad to know stuff. Knowledge is never bad. I'm
just saying that people draw different lines on where to stop exploring,
and I suspect my line is in a different place than a lot of people on
this list for whom it is much more important to really get deep
understanding because of their work or interests.

In short, and I don't mean to sound flippant, but I'm really not
bothered to know what "AP" stands for exactly. I've got my wireless
router working, and I'm betting I won't have to touch it again for ages.

Dave M G

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