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Re: [tlug] Wireless router attached to a wired router

Rainer, Romeo, Dikshie, Marco,

Thank you for responding.

Okay, I can at least get access to the wireless router by directly
connecting it to a machine. The key detail I was missing was setting the
machine to have an IP address in the range the router expects.


I connect a machine directly to the wireless router. I turn off DHCP and
give it an IP address of, and set it's default gateway to, which is my main router.

I save it, or at least I think I do. It tells me to wait twenty seconds,
and then I guess it's saved.

I then put the machine back to the main router, and attach the wireless
router to the main router. And I reset the machine back to its normal IP.

Then I try to access the wireless router at and nothing.
No response.

Did I miss something?

Dave M G

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