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Re: [tlug] Slooooooow down: logs, smartctl, DNS? [SOLVED?]


Thanks to the help, advice, and analysis that was provided here on list,
I felt that the situation was sufficiently narrowed down to being a
problem with SSH.

Going on that premise, I did a little web searching, and I found there
was some mention of SSH being slow on Ubuntu up to version 8.04. I'm on
10.10, but I thought I'd try out the suggested fixes anyway.

Basically, it amounted to editing a file called /etc/ssh/sshd_config and
making two changes.

One was to add this line to the bottom of the file:

UseDNS no

The other was to look for a line that said:

GSSAPIAuthentication yes

... and change it to "no".

Actually, in my file, the line was commented out, so I uncommented it
and made sure it said "no". There was also another line:
#GSSAPICleanupCredentials yes

... which I left commented out.

I did these edits on both machines, client and server, since it wasn't
clear to me from the web pages I was reading which one was responsible.

Saved files, rebooted (since I wasn't sure which process to restart),
and, so far at least, the performance is wicked fast. As it used to be.
I click, I get more or less immediate response.

Because of the variability in response times I was seeing, I'm a little
hesitant to claim total victory just yet. But it looks good so far.

If anyone thinks I've done something dangerous in any way by editing the
aforementioned file, then please let me know.

Otherwise, we might be able to put a fork in this one.

Thanks to everyone for all the in depth suggestions and advice.

Dave M G

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