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Re: [tlug] Slooooooow down: logs, smartctl, DNS?

Romeo, Sylbain, Francois, Lewske,

Thank you for responding.

I took the suggestion of getting a keyboard, mouse, and monitor hooked
up directly to the machine and seeing what the performance is like that
way, and the response time is excellent. Everything clicked jumps into
action right away, no delays, no problems.

So I'm in agreement with the growing consensus that this is a networking

The question is what.

When I run an application like Amarok, this is the command I use:

ssh -X amarok

I also have the home directory of the media machine mounted at every
boot using NFS: /home/dave/Mythbuntu nfs

I think those are the only methods by which I'm connecting to the
machine. These exact commands have worked literally for years without me
ever having slow responsiveness before.

So I'm guessing on some recent upgrade, some new "feature" or something
is going nuts on the LAN.

I looked back on the thread and saw Jep suggest some kind of DNS
problem. However, I thought DNS only applied to looking up web site
addresses. How would that relate to my LAN?

In any case, how would I go about diagnosing what is throttling the
network connection?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Dave M G

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