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Re: [tlug] Disabling "Expire Messages" Function in KMail

Edward Middleton wrote:
CL wrote:
Josh Glover wrote:

I switched to stardict which gives you rikaichan like functionality for
 almost all X programs.

Thanks. I have it D/L'ed but not configured. I'll move it up the "to do" list.

Well do what I suggested, run IMAP on your local machine and use it to
store you local email instead of having it in you mail reader specific
format.  There is some overhead but its going to be a lot less then
running it over the network.

One of the work accounts has some contractual limitations, use restrictions, and privacy guarantees that I have to uphold ... but, in general, your recommendations look reasonable.

It's always the straightforward and simple stuff that sets the clients off ... *sigh*


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