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Re: [tlug] Disabling "Expire Messages" Function in KMail

Josh Glover wrote:
2009/2/6 Charles Muller <>:
Jim Tittsler wrote:

For most of my mail needs I use the beta version of Thunderbird 3. Its
IMAP support is greatly improved over Tbird2, and it is also starting to
embrace the "tag/search over folder" mindset.
I was going to stay out of this, but I'll add my vote in here for TBird,

I use Thunderbird at work to deal with our Exchange server, and am very happy with it. It does CJK display and input with no hitches, and it has the bonus of Rikaichan:

1. Thanks for the link. I'm pretty good, but nowhere near what I also believe Muller-san's level to be. There are always new kanji that catch me unaware or have other uses / pronunciations I didn't know, so it is all useful. I wonder if it will fight with Moji ...

2. I am also a Thunderbird user for things like mail to TLUG and Usenet. But, being a military-trained programmer from Ancient Days (tm) when "computers" still used vacuum tubes, I still heavily compartmentalize and segregate my communications. It is ingrained at almost a genetic level. Porting my mailing list memberships to T-Bird is probably a good solution that I'll implement immediately, but I prefer / want to have business mail separate.

3. The whole IMAP vs. POP thing has been a matter of concern for me ever since I beta-tested the IMAP setup for GOL a couple of years ago and was the only tester to keep his IMAP mailbox when the testing ended. I love the portability, but the idea of letting someone else hold it for you is not within my own information security culture ... and may never be.


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