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[tlug] EeePC so far

Well, I bit the bullet and got an EeePC yesterday - the most
basic model: 7" screen 512Mb of RAM and an 8Gb SSD. It cost
$A307 (i.e. about $US200 or 18万円.) Quite an impressive little
box: wireless, Ethernet, 3xUSBs, a video out, builtin webcam and
microphone, audio in/out and an SD slot.

It connected straight to my house's wireless router and updated
a heap of packages including moving Firefox up to 3.0.4.

I was surprised to see no swap had been configured. I looked
into it and found a warning on an ASUS site NOT to configure
swap on the SSD-only boxes, as the SSD has only a limited number of
write cycles.

Firefox displayed Japanese fine from the beginning.

I tried adding a Japanese environment following the
instructions in these sites:

Everything semed to go OK, except in the use of synaptic
as recommended by Ryu. It failed to accept scim-gtk2-immodule
for installation, saying it failed several dependencies,
including scim itself, (which was already installed.)

I don't really know if this is an issue, but I can't
get scim to work at all. It won't start the daemon
at boot time (I see Ryu ran "scim -d", so I did too) and
it won't activate at all.

Has anyone any suggestions on what to try? I'm not
using scim/anthy on other systems, so this is all new to

I also installed kterm OK, plus jstevie (my old vi clone)
so I have basic editing capability. I also installed the
debian xjdic (I see they haven't updated the EDICT file
for 3 years. Shame!.) I can cut-and-paste Japanese fine
between kterms and apps like Firefox and OO.

I'm coping so far with the Windows-like screen arrangement.

Anyway, I hope someone can suggest something with scim/anthy.



Jim Breen
Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Clayton School of Information Technology,
Monash University, VIC 3800, Australia

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