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Re: [tlug] Disabling "Expire Messages" Function in KMail

Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
CL writes:

 > Neither Thunderbird nor Claws recognize the stored files nor can I
 > find any sort of converter.

No, and I wouldn't expect them to.  According to
the default format appears to be Maildir, and

8>< schnitt

David Bernat e-mailed me privately with the following link:

which says:

*How do I import e-mail messages from kmail (Linux)?*

Make a new folder in kmail and name it inboxmbox. You'll see a
dialogue in which you can save it as an mbox folder. Copy all posts
in your kmail inbox folder to the new inboxmbox folder. Exit kmail.
Next, copy or move inboxmbox to the subfolder Mail/Local Folders in
your profile folder. When you open Thunderbird you'll see the
inboxmbox folder under Local Folders. Copy the messages into your
Inbox folder if you like.

... and it works for both Thunderbird AND Claws. Only one slight bijoux problemette ... you cannot store the entire directory structure, only the messages. So, I had to dump everything into one big pot and sort it out again on the other side. Which is one way to keep me quietly amused for several days.

However, it appears as though everything is now in a format that can be copied and shared between machines via CD, which takes care of my need to keep a certain portion of the messages I receive in separate, transferable folders, making them as private as the clients want to believe they are.

Thanks to all who supplied ideas.


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