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Re: [tlug] Disabling "Expire Messages" Function in KMail

CL writes:

 > Is this the form of carping called "being koi"?

Good Lord, you have even more problems with self-control than I do!

 > Is there another shoe you'd like to drop or will I have to look 
 > attentive and ask "What do you recommend, then?" out loud?

I *heard* that!  No, actually I don't.  I do use Gmail, but only
because my work ISP (the self-appointed "MIT of Japan") is not
competent to keep mail flowing on a day-to-day basis, and students and
the like need a reliable point of contact.  It's not a place I would
want them sending stuff even at the level of privacy of homework
submission.  (It's way safer than sending it to my school address, of
course, but at Gmail it's my balls on the hook.  At Tsukuba-Dai, being
kanryo-shiki, it's nobody's fault.)  What I use day-to-day are VM and
Gnus, but that requires you use Emacs, which is a whole 'nother smoke
(and not a nickel bag's worth, either).

 > I have heard many things about the adequacy of Claws Mail ... the mail 
 > client formerly known as Sylpheed Claws for reasons known only to the 
 > namers ... and that it is able to store project e-mail exchanges for 
 > very long time periods. If it can CJK, it might be worth a look ... but 
 > can I transfer all of the files I have acquired with KMail ... ?

Presumably there's an export-to-mbox-and/or-maildir function (if
they're not already in that format).  Then any *nix MUA can read them.
If there isn't that's another good reason to Run away! Run away!

Claws has a lot of fans.  IIRC the former spamfighter in chief at AOL
uses Claws (after Eudora gave up the ghost), and he definitely knows a
lot about how to use an MUA effectively.  I'm pretty sure its I18N is
spiffy, it's reasonably popular in Japan I think.

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