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Re: [tlug] Disabling "Expire Messages" Function in KMail

Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
CL writes:

 > Is this the form of carping called "being koi"?

Good Lord, you have even more problems with self-control than I do!

Gramps like us; Baby we were born to pun.

Presumably there's an export-to-mbox-and/or-maildir function (if
they're not already in that format).  Then any *nix MUA can read them.
If there isn't that's another good reason to Run away! Run away!

No. And even Kubuntu Forums has discussed that ad nauseam. Unfortunately, all I can find for advice is how to copy KMail's hidden directories, but not to export. Neither Thunderbird nor Claws recognize the stored files nor can I find any sort of converter. It _appears_ as though the incoming mail is stored as mbox format, but, I recall accepting the default maildir formatting when I created folders.

If _anyone_ has advice on how to get the messages into another reader ... preferably Claws (which wants files one at a time and fails to import them with too much regularity); or TBird (which doesn't allow me to search for and offer up the current folder) might be acceptable ...

Claws has a lot of fans.  IIRC the former spamfighter in chief at AOL
uses Claws (after Eudora gave up the ghost), and he definitely knows a
lot about how to use an MUA effectively.  I'm pretty sure its I18N is
spiffy, it's reasonably popular in Japan I think.

Thanks. I am wasting valuable time RTFM'ing but pretending it is progress. At this rate of optimism, I could qualify for a report writing position with the Pentagon in no time.


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