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Re: [tlug] Disabling "Expire Messages" Function in KMail

CL wrote:
> Josh Glover wrote:
> 1.  Thanks for the link.  I'm pretty good, but nowhere near what I also
> believe Muller-san's level to be.  There are always new kanji that catch
> me unaware or have other uses / pronunciations I didn't know, so it is
> all useful.  I wonder if it will fight with Moji ...

I switched to stardict which gives you rikaichan like functionality for
 almost all X programs.

> 3.  The whole IMAP vs. POP thing has been a matter of concern for me
> ever since I beta-tested the IMAP setup for GOL a couple of years ago
> and was the only tester to keep his IMAP mailbox when the testing ended.
>  I love the portability, but the idea of letting someone else hold it
> for you is not within my own information security culture ... and may
> never be.

Well do what I suggested, run IMAP on your local machine and use it to
store you local email instead of having it in you mail reader specific
format.  There is some overhead but its going to be a lot less then
running it over the network.


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