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Re: [tlug] Quoting...yet again

Curt Sampson writes:

 > I dunno about this; it seems to me that identifying and removing
 > large blocks of text is one of the few things where a "mousy" editor
 > could actually be pretty near or even as efficient as using vi.

Not in any GUI I've used.  Granted, I'm not a GUI person but it's hard
to see how you can get as fast as 1000dd or M-> C-w (and I'm not
really a vi person either).

 > That can't be it. I'd get flamed a lot less if only 1.5 people instead
 > of 150 read my posts. Maybe I like getting flamed or something....

Or maybe you just can't help writing well.  It seems to go with
misspelling "honor" and "labor" (and/or liking your curry hot with
NaN). :-)

Merry Christmas! or whatever your holiday of choice is!

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