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Re: [tlug] Can't write to 500GB USB Drive: It is ext3 [SOLVED]

2008/12/8 Curt Sampson <>:
> On 2008-12-08 22:00 +0900 (Mon), Dave M G wrote:
>> I understand now that the difference between pen drives and SD cards...
> Actually, the difference is only in the filesystem for which you happen
> to have formatted it. One could just as easily put a DOS filesystem on a
> large hard drive (well, aside from the size limitations of some of the
> DOS filesystems out there), or an ext3 filesystem on even a tiny USB
> "pen drive."
> The first Unixy system I ever owned had a 9 megabyte drive.

<yorkshireman>I remember running Minix from two 360k floppies.</yorkshireman>


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