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[tlug] Can't write to 500GB USB Drive


As part of my efforts to ensure I never go through heartache like I did with my last hard drive crash, I bought an extra USB external hard drive today for backups.

Plugged it in, it was detected right away, so I partitioned and formatted it with no problems.

But I can't write to it. I thought maybe I screwed up the formatting or something, so I did it again. But no, it seems more like a permissions error or something.

I've formatted USB pen drives and SD cards without this issue. What is different about a large external hard drive that is different?

Naturally I looked on the web before coming here, but most, if not all, people experiencing a similar problem seem to be having it because their external drive is NTFS. My external drive is ext3.

Any suggestions on what I should do?

Dave M G

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