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Re: [tlug] Can't write to 500GB USB Drive

Dave M G writes:

 > Is there a way I can make this a permanent condition? The drive
 > gets hotplugged and removed now and again, and seems to want the
 > "chown" command each time. Would be nice if it could be
 > automatically accessible.

That's weird.  What are

- the fstab line for the drive / udev configuration?
- the ownership and permissions for the mount point when *not*
- ditto, for the mount point when first mounted?
- ditto, for the mount point after you chown it?

 > Why is it that permissions mattered for this large USB drive, but
 > never seemed to matter for pen drives and SD cards?

Those media are almost always formatted as (V)FAT, which doesn't have
ownership information.  The Linux convention is that (unless otherwise
configured) that information is inherited from the mount point.  Thus,
once you own the mount point you'll be OK.

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