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Re: [tlug] "Long Live Portable OGG-Players"

On Apr 29, 2007, at 4:06 PM, Lyle H Saxon wrote:

On 4/29/07, Niels Kobschätzki <> wrote:


Song titles - I'm slightly interested in them when I'm loading up my
music player, but after that, I just listen to it by folder and could
care less what the song titles are.  I do notice iPod users on the
trains often searching for things.  It's a different way of using a
player - I have the total list of things at home, and just load in
what I want to listen to (into three main folders) for the next few
weeks or so (into 2GB of flash memory).  If I want to listen to
something specific, I navigate to the relevant sub-folder and if I get
sick of a song, I skip to the next one.  As for the song titles
displaying in Japanese, they do when the file name is Japanese, but
for my Japanese language CDs, I skip the on-line database deal and
just give the lot of the songs the album name with a track number.  I
just listen to the songs, I don't need to call them by name.

yp - it seems that it is. I do not search that often for something special - if I don't like a song I just skip it. But if I do I want to see the titles of artists/albums/songs properly but on my computer I want to have it properly in any case and the whole organizing of my library is based on mp3-tags not on file/folder- structures.

One thing I wonder about with the hard-drive based iPods - how long do
the batteries hold out between charges?  My 2GB Creative runs for
couple of weeks or so of three-hours a day (Monday-Friday) usage
between charges.

To be true, I don't know it - I have a 5G-iPod with video capabilities and capabilities for playing games from the iTMS.
Video playback or playing games suck out a lot of battery and the latter one I do a lot in the train and it really sucks out the battery (I would say 1-2h video playback/playing games and an additional 1 - 2 hours for music). In addition I connect my iPod to my computer always when I'm at home for syncing back my changed times a song is played, skipped or a rating because most of my playlists are based on these stats and I want those changes on my playlists on the computer as well. Because of this it's always fully powered when I leave the house. But I guess if I put out background lighting completely it will play between 10 and 12 hours (and more) depending on the fact how often I skip songs. With background lighting the song skipping and volume changing will be more important because every time I'd do that the background lighting would be there for at least 2 seconds. With my usual using habit I have to load it up every evening after I return home. I could do w/out and play only music the next day but then there would be the chance that it runs out of power.
My 4G-iPod lived for several days of playing back music w/out charging it up (different user habit - I didn't use the sync-ability that much as I do nowadays).



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