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Re: [tlug] "Long Live Portable OGG-Players"

On 4/29/07, Niels KobschÃtzki <> wrote:
In Germany it's different. All of the stores have 90% other players
and some give only some special place for iPods and accessories. Here
in Berlin you can see that more and more ppl have iPods just because
of the headphones but I still see a lot of those cheap flash-based
mp3-players around (more or less USB-sticks with mp3-playing

Well... you could also say that the iPod is more or less a cheap hard drive with electronic music file playing capabilities....

But I have to say that the greatest advantage of an iPod (except of
the interface and smart playlists based on rating/play-/skipcount) is
it multilingual capabilities. Here I won't get any mp3-player that
will display Japanese titles correctly (or Korean or Russian or
whatever). And I hate it when I have to transcribe each of my non-
alphabet song-titles, artist names or whatever. What are you guys
doing with that? Is there any other player which gives you some kind
of UTF-8 capabilites?

Song titles - I'm slightly interested in them when I'm loading up my music player, but after that, I just listen to it by folder and could care less what the song titles are. I do notice iPod users on the trains often searching for things. It's a different way of using a player - I have the total list of things at home, and just load in what I want to listen to (into three main folders) for the next few weeks or so (into 2GB of flash memory). If I want to listen to something specific, I navigate to the relevant sub-folder and if I get sick of a song, I skip to the next one. As for the song titles displaying in Japanese, they do when the file name is Japanese, but for my Japanese language CDs, I skip the on-line database deal and just give the lot of the songs the album name with a track number. I just listen to the songs, I don't need to call them by name.

One thing I wonder about with the hard-drive based iPods - how long do
the batteries hold out between charges?  My 2GB Creative runs for
couple of weeks or so of three-hours a day (Monday-Friday) usage
between charges.

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