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Re: [tlug] "Long Live Portable OGG-Players"

On 4/26/07, Attila Kinali <> wrote:
I bought an Cowon IAudio X5 a few months back. Works great.
No problems sofar (if you disregard the endless loop it enters
when you give it a 0 byte sized mp3). Also reflashing is no
problem as it doesn't need any special utilities.

And for those a little bit more advanturous can try Rockbox
on it :-)

Alternative firmware for iAudio devices! Now this is welcome news! Of the two iAudio devices I've used, they both had firmware problems and one burned out its hard drive. I had the hard drive replaced in that one (the other is flash memory), and they are both having firmware problems again (updates partially successful, but never for more than a couple of months), so when I get some time, I think I'll try this alternative firmware. Thanks for mentioning it!

Although ipods make up here maybe a third or even half of
the market, there is still some competition. Just have a
look at the lokal mp3 player store

Have they only taken over that much of the market? By observing people on the Yamanote Line and seeing what the retail stores have on their shelves, it looks more like the bloody iPods are 80 or 90% of the market! Or is that just in this country?


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