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Re: [tlug] Ubuntu versions

On 4/27/07, Dave M G <> wrote:
How ironic.  I'm one of the biggest fans of Ubuntu on this list, and
Feisty is treating me the worst.

I've had some problems with implementing Debian solutions to some things on Kubuntu, so I've taken to just staying within the package the way they put it together (adding things via Adept Manager, which has been working well). I always read your posts with interest and this is something I sometimes wonder about - is it a good idea to apply Debian solutions to Ubuntu/Kubuntu? I know Ubuntu is based on Debian, but....

About Kubuntu 7.04.  I've tried putting it into four computers so far
as upgrade installs, prompted via regular updates with a message along
the lines of (I didn't record it): "There is a new version, 7.04
available, would you like to upgrade?".  These were very time
consuming, but went well on three machines - an Epson, a Hitachi, and
a Dell.  Something went wrong with the process on a Toshiba box I
have, so I scrapped the upgrade and did a new install of 7.04,which
went fine.  (I attempted to do an upgrade install from the disk, but
it didn't seem to be an option.)

A couple of random bits of information - that Toshiba, a box I picked
up for Y6,000 (or was it 5,000?  I've forgotten - five or six thousand
in any case) seems to have a SCSI hard drive, which seems unusual for
an off-the-assembly-line typical small box.  It's my second Toshiba,
and they both have difficult to work with mechanical designs.  For
example, I think this latest box is the first one where I had to
remove the hard drive in order to gain physical access to the memory
slots!  Weird!

As for problems with 7.04 after it was installed - the only thing so
far was one of the machines wasn't properly detecting a DVD-R disk I
put in, but opening the disk burning application (K-III), which always
looks harder for a disk in the drive, also made the disk accessible
via other GUI applications.

Oh - and one other thing!  I put in a USB memory device and it didn't
seem to be detecting it, but then I discovered that it was opening on
Desktop #1, and since I was on Desktop #3, it didn't seem to be there.
Why plugging in the device while on D-3 would open it on D-1 doesn't
make sense, so maybe there was some other factor.  If I figure out
exactly what happened, I'll report back.


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